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In August 2021, I published my first “Hello World” blog post. My goal was to share the valuable lessons I’ve learned and experienced with the community, while also documenting my journey and deepening my understanding of the topics I write about.

New writing path

Three years later, I’m incredibly grateful for what writing has given back to me. Even though I haven’t been publishing posts regularly, it’s been truly rewarding to put my thoughts into words and share them with others.

Why I Write

So, why do I write? Here are my reasons:

  1. It helps me think.
    • Putting what you know into words is a powerful tool for organizing your thoughts.
  2. Deepens my understanding of the topics I write about.
    • Writing about a topic requires research and exploring various perspectives, leading to a deeper and more comprehensive understanding.
  3. Sharing value.
    • There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your content help others. Since I started writing, I’ve received messages from people around the world who have found my posts helpful.

Expanding further to Engineering Management

So far, I’ve mostly focused on topics like software development, design, and processes. Now, I want to expand my scope to include more about Engineering Management. Over the past few years, I’ve learned a great deal about Engineering Leadership and gained invaluable experience as an Engineering Manager.

I believe I have much to share about my recent journey, including my mistakes, learnings, and frameworks that help me navigate the Engineering Leadership world. I hope this will be valuable to current, new, and aspiring Engineering Leaders.

Doubling down on online writing

I’m passionate about writing. I write every single day. For the past five years, I’ve consistently journaled, taken notes from my readings and studies, and documented my ideas and thoughts about the concepts I learn.

Given how rewarding the publishing experience of a few articles has been, I’ve decided to invest more time in online writing.

I’m thinking of this post as both a little news update and a commitment to myself.

Challenge accepted. Let the fun begin!


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